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    continuing the flood of your mailboxes · e46d22b3
    Augustin Degomme authored
    - a few warnings removed for windows again
    - node selection while zooming now almost keeps the zoom (I don't get why the min changes a little bit, and don't know if it's possible to fix this)
    new features:
    -multithreaded Paje parser : this parser uses 3 threads :
       - the parsing thread to read the file and produce lines and tokens (lexical analysis), and aggregate them in blocks of 10000 lines 
       - the builder thread which handles these blocks of lines and calls store_event of the ParserEventPaje and transforms the tokens into the appropriate types, checks the correctness of the line (syntaxic analysis) but doesn't perform the calls to trace and the structural verifications 
      - the trace building thread which performs semantic analysis (if types, containers, exist) and performs the calls to the trace (adding events, states to the trace).
    - file mapping : just for multithread version, the file is mapped into memory by chunks (100MB for the moment), which is faster and allows to handle larger files without using too much memory. The limit of 1Gb of the other version is removed, ViTE can now handle much larger files.
    These features need more testing and feedback and can be activated at compile time by setting the flag MT_PARSING. 
    note: the parser still uses a tokens number limit, this will be merged with the new version soon.
    - gracefully stop parsing when cancel button is hit is not handled yet and causes segfaults
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