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MORSE CMake modules
This project provides a collection of CMake modules that can be shared
among projects using CMake as build system.
For now it is mainly constituted of "Find" modules that help detecting
installed libraries on the system. These modules are located in
Get morse_cmake
To use latest development states of morse_cmake, please clone the
master branch:
git clone
To use MORSE modules you have to add the path to the modules in your
CMake project and include the MorseInit module:
# Define where are located module files on your system
set(MORSE_CMAKE_MODULE_PATH "/where/is/morse_cmake" CACHE PATH "Path to morse_cmake sources")
# Append this directory to the list of directories containing CMake modules
# Include the init module
We recommend to use this project as a `git submodule` of your project.
Get involved!
### Mailing list
### Contributions
### Authors
The following people contributed to the development of morse_modules:
* Cedric Castagnede
* Mathieu Faverge, PI
* Florent Pruvost, PI
If we forgot your name, please let us know that we can fix that mistake.
### Licence
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