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    Update Spherical kernel interface to use the new data organisation · 4af27174
    Quentin Khan authored
     - Divide the FSphericalCell inner data layout into two sub-types:
       multipole_t and local_expansion_t. As the multipole and the local
       expansion layout is the same, they share a common implementation.
       Two class attribute are accessible through the `getMultipoledata` and
       `getLocalExpansionData` methods.
     - Change FMM operators signature to take advantage of the new
       layout. The operators only take as parameters the data they may need
       instead of the whole cell. For instance (simplified):
       void M2M(CellClass* parent, CellClass** children);
       void M2M(multipole_t*  parent_m,    symbolic_data_t* parent_s,
                multipole_t** children_ms, symbolic_data_t* children_ss);
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