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......@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ from core.models import (Project, Document, Metadata, DocumentMetadata,
BlockType, LineType, AlreadyProcessingException)
from users.models import User
from kraken.lib import vgsl
from kraken.lib.exceptions import KrakenInvalidModelException
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
......@@ -131,29 +132,29 @@ class ModelUploadForm(BootstrapFormMixin, forms.ModelForm):
def clean(self):
data = super().clean()
model = data.get('file')
if not model:
# Early validation of the model loading and detection of its job
def clean_file(self):
# Early validation of the model loading
file_field = self.cleaned_data['file']
assert isinstance(model, TemporaryUploadedFile)
loaded_model = vgsl.TorchVGSLModel.load_model(
job = loaded_model.model_type
# Fall back to seg_type attribute which cannot be set to 'bbox' for recognition jobs
if job not in ('recognition', 'segmentation') and loaded_model.seg_type == 'bbox':
job = 'segmentation'
except Exception as e:
raise forms.ValidationError(_(f"The provided model could not be loaded: {e}"))
if job == 'segmentation':
model = vgsl.TorchVGSLModel.load_model(
except KrakenInvalidModelException:
raise forms.ValidationError(_("The provided model could not be loaded."))
self._model_job = model.model_type
if self._model_job not in ('segmentation', 'recognition'):
raise forms.ValidationError(_("Invalid model (Couldn't determine whether it's a segmentation or recognition model)."))
elif self._model_job == 'recognition' and model.seg_type == "bbox":
raise forms.ValidationError(_("eScriptorium is not compatible with bounding box models."))
return file_field
def clean(self):
if not getattr(self, '_model_job', None):
return super().clean()
# Update the job field on the instantiated model from the cleaned model field
if self._model_job == 'segmentation':
self.instance.job = OcrModel.MODEL_JOB_SEGMENT
elif job == 'recognition':
elif self._model_job == 'recognition':
self.instance.job = OcrModel.MODEL_JOB_RECOGNIZE
raise forms.ValidationError(_("No job type is defined in model's hyper parameters"))
return data
return super().clean()
class Meta:
model = OcrModel
......@@ -180,12 +181,14 @@ class DocumentProcessForm1(BootstrapFormMixin, forms.Form):
if self.document.read_direction == self.document.READ_DIRECTION_RTL:
self.initial['text_direction'] = 'horizontal-rl'
self.fields['binarizer'].widget.attrs['disabled'] = True
self.fields['train_model'].queryset &= self.document.ocr_models.all()
self.fields['segtrain_model'].queryset &= self.document.ocr_models.all()
self.fields['seg_model'].queryset &= self.document.ocr_models.all()
self.fields['ocr_model'].queryset &= OcrModel.objects.filter(
Q(documents=None, script=self.document.main_script)
| Q(documents=self.document))
# Limit querysets to models owned by the user or already linked to this document
for field in ['train_model', 'segtrain_model', 'seg_model', 'ocr_model']:
self.fields[field].queryset = self.fields[field].queryset.filter(
| Q(documents=self.document)
self.fields['transcription'].queryset = Transcription.objects.filter(document=self.document)
def process(self):
......@@ -7,11 +7,6 @@
{% csrf_token %}
{% render_field form.file %}
{% render_field %}
{% if form.non_field_errors %}
{% for err in form.non_field_errors %}
<p class="error">{{ err }}</p>
{% endfor %}
{% endif %}
<button type="submit" value="" class="nav-item btn btn-success">{% trans 'Upload' %}</button>
{% endblock %}
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