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    David Parsons authored
    * Organized the repository to manage branches. *
    Everything you already know has been moved to "trunk"
    Added a "branches" directory with 2 subdirectories "releases" and "features"
      * "releases" will be used for branches related to a given release, e.g. when a change to post-treatments are needed for the analysis of data generated using that release.
        For example: I am analysing data that I generated using versions 2.1.2 of the code. I hence created the branch "releases/aevol-2.1.2" so that I can code my post-treatments in a properly versionned way. These development may (depending on the level of specificity) be added to the trunk eventually (using svn merge)
      * "features" is meant to be used when developing a new feature that takes time developing. This will enable us to use svn feature more thouroughly, e.g. commit more often (even "unstable" versions) in a personal branch of the svn.
    If you don't wan...
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