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[lib] CLUnfolder Fix: ability to check the validity of the given query

parent 0e019808
......@@ -398,7 +398,57 @@ class CLUnfolder(object):
self.__shift_direction = None # FORWARD or BACKWARD
self.__locked = False
def init_with_query(self, query):
def check_query(self, query):
"""Check textual and DIMACS properties of the given query
If textual properties have changed since the last initialization of the
CLUnfolder, new auxiliary variables will be added to the dynamic system.
Also check if values of literals are in the limits of the dynamical
system (shift_step_init). If it's not the case, a ValueError exception
will be raised.
Called by:
:param query: Query built with start, invariant, final, variant properties
in textual and/or DIMACS forms.
:type query: <MCLSimpleQuery>
# Check textual properties
if (self.__initial_property != query.start_prop
or self.__final_property != query.final_prop
or self.__invariant_property != query.inv_prop
or self.__variant_property != query.variant_prop):
# System will be modified; Auxiliary clauses will be added
# Do not reload cached constraints
self.__include_aux_clauses_changed = True
# Check values of literals
values = set(it.chain(*query.dim_start))
if query.dim_variant_prop:
# Handle empty steps:
# Ex: [[], [[4]], [[6], [7]], []]
g = (step for step in query.dim_variant_prop if step)
[values.update(it.chain(*step)) for step in g]
# Get all values that are not in the initial dynamic system
out_of_range_values = {val for val in values if abs(val) > self.shift_step_init}
if not out_of_range_values:
# The literal comes from an auxilary clause; not from the dynamic model.
# Since the auxiliary clauses are reset here, this literal is suspect
# and its use dangerous because its value is not reproductible.
raise ValueError(
"%s variable is not in the initial system.\n"
"Insertion of auxiliary variables is not allowed here."
% out_of_range_values
def init_with_query(self, query, check_query=True):
"""Initialise the unfolder with the given query
Following attributes are used from the query:
......@@ -411,8 +461,22 @@ class CLUnfolder(object):
This compilation step is costly due to ANTLR performances...
.. warning:: ALL textual properties are susceptible to add new auxiliary
variables in the system (increase shift_step).
variables in the system (increase shift_step). Thus, the system
will be rebuilt.
:param query: Query built with start, invariant, final, variant properties
in textual and/or DIMACS forms.
:key check_query: Check textual and DIMACS properties of the given query.
.. warning:: This option should be disable for performance reasons;
or if you know what you are doing.
:type query: <MCLSimpleQuery>
:type check_query: <boolean>
if check_query:
# Reset the unfolder before a new query
# Init with query properties and clauses
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