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[lib] MCLAnalyser: Try to understand undocumented function...

parent 887f0bdf
......@@ -749,18 +749,34 @@ class MCLAnalyser(object):
final property becomes the invariant property
=> Ex: test if "C3 and C4" will never append if start property is "A1 and C1 and B1"
Cf TestMCLAnalyser...
@return: False if the problem is satisfiable, True otherwise
@param act_sol: FrontierSolution with activation condition
@param query: the query used for act_sol condition
nb_step = len(act_sol.ic_sequence) - 1
query_1 = MCLSimpleQuery.from_frontier_sol_same_timing(act_sol,
inv_prop = 'not('+query.final_prop+')'
max_step = len(act_sol.ic_sequence) - 1
print("max steps:", max_step)
# Same timings, force inactivated frontiers
query_1 = MCLSimpleQuery.from_frontier_sol_same_timing(act_sol, self.unfolder)
inv_prop = 'not(' + query.final_prop + ')'
#(None, None, 'A1 and C1 and B1', ['', 'h2', '', ''])
print("naive query1:", query_1.final_prop, query_1.inv_prop,
query_1.start_prop, query_1.variant_prop)
query_2 = MCLSimpleQuery(None, inv_prop, None)
#(None, 'not(C3 and C4)', None, [])
print("query 2:", query_2.final_prop, query_2.inv_prop,
query_2.start_prop, query_2.variant_prop)
query_1 = query_2.merge(query_1)
return not(self.sq_is_satisfiable(query_1, nb_step))
#(None, 'not(C3 and C4)', 'A1 and C1 and B1', ['', 'h2', '', '']
print("merged query1:", query_1.final_prop, query_1.inv_prop,
query_1.start_prop, query_1.variant_prop)
return not(self.sq_is_satisfiable(query_1, max_step))
def next_inhibitor(self, mac, query):
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