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    Upgrade to cvc5 (#281) · 768ed5d0
    makaimann authored
    * Rename files and rename smt-switch classes
    * Replace CVC4->cvc5
    * Temporarily disable tests -- focus on compiling first
    * Update and cmake
    * Fix CVC5_HOME capitalization
    * Require c++17
    * Fix cvc5_factory
    * Fixes: exception name, solver enum, remove kind hash
    * Fix another BVAdd, other hashes, and link against polyxx, poly and cadical
    * Search and replace in tests cvc4->cvc5
    * Revert "Temporarily disable tests -- focus on compiling first"
    This reverts commit 23c061fbf92a48ab587973b3847077c31ba1909d.
    * More search and replace
    * Update getter
    * Add
    * Set --produce-interpols only for interpolant test
    * Formatting
    * More cvc4->cvc5 updates
    * Update python bindings for cvc5
    * Use correct libpoly based on lib type
    * Fix libpoly names
    * Disable other tests for now
    * Fix syntax
    * Add btor test back in
    * Try just cvc5 again
    * No comments in yml file
    * Another try
    * Back to original
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