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Use the parameters instead of hardwiring some values.

PAPADOPOULO Theodore requested to merge SimpleBug into master

The box ovpCBoxAlgorithmP300MagicCardVisualization (contrarily to the other boxes of the same family) has parameters to define the host and address to use for finding the acquisition server... but these parameters are not used and hard coded values are used (localhost and 15361). See issue *6.

Having these as parameters seems a good thing as otherwise this box will not work in cases where the acquisition-server and the designer are not on the same machine... Here I took the simple solution of keeping the parameters and using them.

Other possible solutions:

  • Remove the parameters from the box and simply forbid using this box in configurations where acquisition-server and designer are not run on the same machine... But then this needs to be documented.
  • A third solution would be to introduce some "global" parameter space where this can be set once for all the boxes of a scenario. But this raises the case of using multiple acquisition servers in a same scenario.... A solution would be to introduce an identifier for each acquisition server in a scenario and allow boxes to refer to this identifier. This is way beyond what I was willing to do here....
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