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EEGO driver integration with Linux

SZPYRKA Jean-Luc requested to merge (removed):master into master

This patch proposes the integration of the eego (eeimagine) driver for Linux:

  • uncomment some ifdef (target_OS_WINDOWS)
  • provide the discovery os eego drivers (ThirdParty discovery)

The eego driver installation has not been integrated into the "dependancy upload mechanism" provided by openvibe.
The compilation process assumes that the eego driver has been installed on the host by an external mechanism (lib in /usr/lib64, include in /usr/include/eemagine)

P.S.: most the work has been made by, I only rebase his work on the current git version. You do not have to credit me on this work. P.P.S.: these patches have been tested on linux (ubuntu 16.04LTS) and Windows (Windows 10, Visual Studio 2013 Pro English) with a 8 channels Eego Neuro device.

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