Commit 00efd405 authored by Jussi Lindgren's avatar Jussi Lindgren

Applications: Drift Correction in AS now announces truncates as well

The signal truncates are announced by incorrect+correct
stimulation pair where both have the same timestamp. If signal
has been padded, the two have a time difference.
parent 50318007
......@@ -332,6 +332,9 @@ boolean CDriftCorrection::correctDrift(int64 i64Correction, uint64& ui64TotalSam
oPendingStimulationSet.appendStimulation(OVTK_GDF_Incorrect, l_ui64LastSampleDate, 0);
oPendingStimulationSet.appendStimulation(OVTK_GDF_Correct, l_ui64LastSampleDate, 0);
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