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Update designer to gtk3

Open PAPADOPOULO Theodore requested to merge gtk3 into master

Update box settings to gtk3. This is mostly Table->Grid, color changes and making all drawing done with cairo. Other minor changes are the removal of some deprecated widgets such as HBox,... Expand and Fill are now done in the .ui file. Fixed some small changes that are compiler related (% directives in scanf, and small issues that were giving warnings and errors.

Checked by navigating over all the menus of the designer (not running scenarios yet as extras are not fully converted), Seems visually fine, except very minor issues.

What is not done:

  • Removal of Stock icons: those are also deprecated, but I did not find a good way to do it yet. Remains for future work as it may require a redesign of the interface details (gtk3 is said to have dropped support for icon+text in menus...
  • There is a set of popup menus in ovdCDesignerVisualization.cpp that are built with very old gtk2 (or 1 ?) constructs. I do not know what these menu do (and if they are used at all). They seem related to the window manager (which I discovered with this hack), but the window manager seems to work (actually it seemed broken in the gtk2 version and now seem to work similarly to the documentation). Maybe these popup operate on plugin windows ? To be revisited.
  • The "Open recent" menu seems to be broken in this first version. Will correct that later. Not sur it was working before.
  • There is an alignment issue with the icon in the Loglevel hierarchy. Will be corrected with a forthcoming patch.
  • As not Stock icons, I have not yet fully pursued the removal of all deprecated gtk constructs, the patch is already too big. Let's leave that for when this will have been merged.

Note: 1 - This depends on changes on sdk and extras. This change is mostly spurious and reflected my attempt to remove Stock icons. In the plugins icons are obtained using getStockItemName which seems very technology related, so I renamed it into getIconName... I'm a little bit lazy to reverse the change, but it can be done easily. I really think that the new name is better. Also introducing a change that breaks old plugins is not bad to advertise developper that some big change has hapened, 2 - This is unfortunately over my fedora changes, which I need to test. Some cherrypicking may be needed to merge over the "official" branch if those are not welcome. Fortunately All the changes are in a low number of commits. 3 - Extras conversion is in progress

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