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Add the slurm virtual cluster to the CI

CAULK Robert requested to merge slurm-in-ci into develop

This MR adds steps for testing the slurm schedulers in the pipeline including slurm slurm-semiglobal and slurm-openmpi.

This is done by adding a new lxd runner that sits on Maiko. The creation of the cluster and the activation of the runner is semi-automated but still needs a user to manually register the runner with All instructions for this process and source files are added in a new repository located here.

  • setup new virtual cluster with instructions
  • add new lxd runner accessible by gitlab CI
  • create new CI stages employing LXD for slurm, slurm-semiglobal and slurm-openmpi
  • create a virtual environment that can be reused to speed up CI stages
  • create instructions for rebuilding the cluster and adding the runner
  • ensure fault tolerance is tested in slurm
  • add an update script to the virtual-cluster-ci repository to make updating dependencies easier than rebuilding the entire cluster.
  • test new iterative stats checkpointing
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