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* Guix Jupyter kernel
Guix kernel for Jupyter Notebook.
[[][GNU Guix]]-enabled kernel to create self-contained, reproducible Jupyter
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** Status
Version 0.1.0, the first “beta” release, was announced on October 10th,
2019. [[][Read more on the Guix-HPC blog]]!
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#+html: <img src="" />
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......@@ -36,6 +35,9 @@ Guix-Jupyter aims to address this by supporting:
[[][GNU Guix]];
3. Execution of the code in a isolated environment, a “container”.
[[][Read the initial announcement]] (Oct. 2019) for an in-depth analysis of
the need for “deployment-aware”, self-contained notebooks, and on the
shortcomings of other options.
** Usage
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