Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.


  • attic
    the entry is not completed, but is now considered obsolete and closed
  • bug
    this issue is about reporting and resolving a suspected bug
  • candidate
    an individual developer or user submits a work request to the team (extension proposal, bug, other request)
  • documentation
    documentation related issue
  • doing
    issue implementation in progress
  • done
    issue is completed, it meets the DoD and was merged to the next release integration branch. It is either in the sprint backlog or closed
  • good first issue
    nice to pick for a new contributor
  • in review
    issue implementation is finished, a merge request open and is ready for review (or under review)
  • product backlog
    the product owner adds an entry to the product backlog, only add this label WITH EXPLICIT APPROVAL FROM THE PO
  • sprint backlog
    the development team adds an entry to the sprint backlog
  • to do
    issue not started yet (but intention to start soon)