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Oar properties pyxis

Pierre Neyron requested to merge oar-properties-pyxis into master

On pyxis: all cpuset ids (of all threads) a grouped by CPU:

  • CPU0: 0-127
  • CPU1: 128-255

Among a CPU, threads are given in round robin:

  • CPU0: 0,32,64,96 -> 31,63,95,127
  • CPU1: 128,160,192,224 -> 159,191,223,255

So looking at the first thread of each core, this gives 2 groups:

  • CPU0: 0-31
  • CPU1: 128-159 Thus a gap between the 2.

So the new formula to give the first thread id of each core is the following: row[:cpuset] = cpu_num * cpu_thread_count + core_num

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