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[reference-api] Sort ens10f0np0 and ens10f1np1 interfaces.

JACQUOT Pierre requested to merge interface_sorting into master

Related to Cthuluse site installation.

Add ens10f0np0 and ens10f1np1 interfaces to the interface sorting list, so that the test_g5kchecks can pass without triggering an Unknown key to sort array: ens10f0np0 exception.

I don't know why, but there seems to be two lists used for sorting interfaces in the ref-repo: one in the lib/refrepo/g5kchecks_importer.rb (l3), and another one hardcoded in lib/refrepo/gen/reference-api.rb (l139).

This is something we'll have to investigate for the sake of clean code.

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