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[gen/wiki] Fix wiki links to exotic clusters by simplifying hardware page headings

JONGLEZ Baptiste requested to merge fix_wiki_gen_exotic into master

The page heading for each cluster currently contains the queue and the job type, for instance:

== pyxis (exotic job type) ==
== graoully (production queue) ==
== drac (testing queue, exotic job type) ==

It means that anchors links are horrible, because they are automatically generated by Mediawiki. For instance:

We try to generate these horrible links in several places in the wiki generation code, which is difficult. In addition, it fails to take into account the exotic job type, so all links to exotic clusters are currently broken.

Fix this by only keeping the cluster name in the heading: this way, we don't need to guess the horrible link anchors generated by Mediawiki. The missing information (queue and job type i.e. "access condition") is moved to the table presenting the cluster characteristics.

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