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Bug12247 group storage

Alexandre MERLIN requested to merge bug12247 into master

cmd> NAME=group_storage DO=print rake gen:wiki

---------- GENERATED PAGE BEGIN ----------
{|class="wikitable sortable" style="text-align: center;"
!|Server Name
!|Link Speed
|[[Lille:Hardware|Lille]]||||90.0 TB||50 Gbps||
|[[Lille:Hardware|Lille]]||||90.0 TB||50 Gbps||
|[[Luxembourg:Hardware|Luxembourg]]||||40.0 TB||20 Gbps||
|[[Lyon:Hardware|Lyon]]||||75.0 TB||10 Gbps||
|[[Nancy:Hardware|Nancy]]||||200.0 TB||10 Gbps||
|[[Rennes:Hardware|Rennes]]||||100.0 TB||10 Gbps||
|[[Sophia:Hardware|Sophia]]||||30.0 TB||1 Gbps||

|}''<small>Last generated from the Grid'5000 Reference API on 2020-11-16 ([ commit 66d1f2e0b])</small>''
----------- GENERATED PAGE END -----------
Nothing to do: group_storage/grenoble
Nothing to do: group_storage/lille
Nothing to do: group_storage/luxembourg
Nothing to do: group_storage/lyon
Nothing to do: group_storage/nancy
Nothing to do: group_storage/nantes
Nothing to do: group_storage/rennes
Nothing to do: group_storage/sophia

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