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[oar-properties] set wattmetre=NO for nodes which does not comply with the...

[oar-properties] set wattmetre=NO for nodes which does not comply with the wattmetre configuration of the cluster (bug 13286)
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......@@ -450,7 +450,26 @@ def get_ref_node_properties_internal(cluster_uid, cluster, node_uid, node)
h['wattmeter'] = cluster.fetch('metrics', []).any?{|metric| metric['name'].match(/wattmetre_power_watt|pdu_outlet_power_watt/)} ? "YES" : "NO"
cluster_metrics = cluster.fetch('metrics', [])
is_wattmetre_metric = lambda {|metric| metric['name'].match(/wattmetre_power_watt|pdu_outlet_power_watt/)}
nb_of_cluster_wattmetre_metrics =
# Check wattmetre at the cluster level
h['wattmeter'] = cluster_metrics.any?(&is_wattmetre_metric) ? "YES" : "NO"
if h['wattmeter'] == 'YES'
# Still need to check if wattmetre is actually valid for this node
if node.key?('pdu')
# Basically, we want to disable the wattmeter proprety if the node has not all the declared cluster wattmeter possibilities activated
# ce code ne desactive pas un gemini/yeti qui a 1 entree pdu desactivee sur 2 (2 entree pdu wattmetre pour une metrique wattmetre)
# mais bon, y a t'il une raison de faire cela dans le yaml ?
h['wattmeter'] = node['pdu'].length >= nb_of_cluster_wattmetre_metrics ? "YES" : "NO"
# this case can happen when there is nothing available on the node (may happen if a port of a pdu is dysfunctionning)
# si on desactive tous les pdu: wattmetre pour un gemini/yeti, alors on entrerait ce cas
h['wattmeter'] = 'NO'
h['cluster_priority'] = (cluster['priority'] || Time.parse(cluster['created_at'].to_s).strftime('%Y%m')).to_i
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