Commit ec843a39 authored by Cyril Rohr's avatar Cyril Rohr
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Added first environment: sid-x64-base-1.0

"tcp_bandwidth": 1000000000,
"state": "stable",
"consoles": [
"bps": 34800,
"port": "ttyS0"
"max_open_files": 8192,
"accounts": [
"login": "root",
"password": "grid5000"
"login": "g5k",
"password": "grid5000"
"based_on": "Debian version sid for amd64",
"x11_forwarding": true,
"services": [
"kernel": "2.6.18-8",
"applications": [
"type": "environment",
"uid": "sid-x64-base-1.0",
"valid_on": [
"Dell PE1855",
"Dell PE1950",
"HP DL140G3",
"HP DL145G2",
"IBM e325",
"IBM e326",
"IBM e326m",
"Sun V20z",
"Sun X2200 M2",
"Sun X4100"
"file": {
"md5": "e39be32c087f0c9777fd0b0ad7d12050",
"path": "\/home\/nancy\/xdelaruelle\/images\/sid-x64-base-1.0.tgz"
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