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Commit b6fc178f authored by Simon Delamare's avatar Simon Delamare

[admin] Only generate OAR comment property on node creation

parent 0628c309
......@@ -189,6 +189,8 @@ namespace :oar do
# by default, maintenance is YES when creating new resources
command.concat(' -p maintenance="YES"')
# by default, an Alive node has comment "OK"
command.concat(' -p comment="OK"')
command.concat(" -p ").concat({|(k,v)|
if v.nil?
......@@ -43,7 +43,6 @@ module Grid5000
h['memcore'] = properties['main_memory']['ram_size']/properties['architecture']['smt_size']/MiB
h['memcpu'] = properties['main_memory']['ram_size']/properties['architecture']['smp_size']/MiB
h['memnode'] = properties['main_memory']['ram_size']/MiB
h['comment'] = properties['comment'] || "OK"
properties["gpu"] ||= {}
h['gpu'] = properties['gpu']['gpu'] ? "YES" : "NO"
properties["monitoring"] ||= {}
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