Commit ab101bc9 authored by PARISOT Clement's avatar PARISOT Clement
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[dev] oar - Fix in main network adaptator

parent 1794bf0f
......@@ -30,11 +30,11 @@ def get_node_properties(cluster_uid, cluster, node_uid, node)
# h['host'] = main_network_adapter['network_address']
#TODO raise MissingProperty, "Node #{node_uid} has no network_address" unless h['host']
h['ip'] = main_network_adapter['ip']
h['ip'] = main_network_adapter[1]['ip']
raise MissingProperty, "Node #{node_uid} has no IP" unless h['ip']
h['cluster'] = cluster_uid
h['nodemodel'] = cluster['model']
h['switch'] = main_network_adapter['switch']
h['switch'] = main_network_adapter[1]['switch']
h['besteffort'] = node['supported_job_types']['besteffort']
h['deploy'] = node['supported_job_types']['deploy']
h['ip_virtual'] = node['supported_job_types']['virtual'] == 'ivt'
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