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[bug13534] Remove myrinet oar properties

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......@@ -234,7 +234,7 @@ class OarPropertiesGenerator < WikiGenerator
@@categories = {
"Job-related properties" => ["besteffort", "deploy", "production", "cluster_priority", "max_walltime"],
"Hierarchy" => ["chassis", "cluster", "cpu", "cpuset", "core", "disk", "diskpath", "gpu", "gpudevice", "host", "slash_16", "slash_17", "slash_18", "slash_19", "slash_20", "slash_21", "slash_22", "switch", "subnet_address", "subnet_prefix", "vlan"],
"Hardware" => ["gpu_model", "gpu_count", "memnode", "memcore", "memcpu", "disktype", "disk_reservation_count", "myri_rate", "myri_count", "myri", "ib_rate", "ib_count", "ib", "opa_rate", "opa_count", "eth_rate", "eth_count", "eth_kavlan_count", "cpufreq", "cputype", "cpucore", "cpuarch", "virtual", "mic"],
"Hardware" => ["gpu_model", "gpu_count", "memnode", "memcore", "memcpu", "disktype", "disk_reservation_count", "ib_rate", "ib_count", "ib", "opa_rate", "opa_count", "eth_rate", "eth_count", "eth_kavlan_count", "cpufreq", "cputype", "cpucore", "cpuarch", "virtual", "mic"],
"Miscellaneous" => ["wattmeter", "nodemodel", "network_address", "ip", "type", "expiry_date", "comment", "maintenance", "exotic"]
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