Commit 71aaf00f authored by IMBERT Matthieu's avatar IMBERT Matthieu Committed by Baptiste Jonglez
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[ipv6] fix dns RR for global kavlans

parent 8dabd4ef
......@@ -319,6 +319,9 @@ def get_reverse_record(record, site_uid)
if record.is_a?(DNS::Zone::RR::AAAA) # check for AAAA before A because AAAA inherits from A (so an AAAA is also an A)
nibble_array =':','').split('').reverse
nibble_split = 16
if /.*-kavlan-[1-9][0-9]-ipv6$/.match(record.label)
nibble_split = 14
file_name = "reverse6-#{nibble_array[nibble_split..31].join('.')}.db"
if /.*-kavlan-[1-3]-ipv6$/.match(record.label)
#A filter in bind-global-site.conf.erb prevents entries in 'local' directory to be included in global configuration
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