Commit 594c8e70 authored by Baptiste Jonglez's avatar Baptiste Jonglez Committed by JONGLEZ Baptiste
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[generator] [kadeploy] Allow to configure the install_bootloader script

Caution: we set no default value, so the g5k configuration (in
g5k-platform-production) needs to be updated!
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......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ remoteops:
- name: very_hard
cmd: <%= data['remoteops.power_off.very_hard.cmd'] %><%end %>
install_bootloader: /etc/kadeploy3<%= suffix %>/
install_bootloader: /etc/kadeploy3<%= suffix %>/<%= data['deploy.install_bootloader'] %>
kernel_prod = 'kernels/kadeploy3-deploy-kernel-buster.vmlinuz'
initrd_prod = 'kernels/kadeploy3-deploy-kernel-buster.initrd.img'
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