Commit 548a03ae authored by Pierre Neyron's avatar Pierre Neyron 🏂

[gen/oar-properties] fix warning when creating from scratch (empty site)

parent 97238ca2
Pipeline #91541 passed with stages
in 3 minutes and 13 seconds
......@@ -747,6 +747,10 @@ def generate_oar_properties(options)
cmd << oarcmd_create_helper_functions
cmd << oarcmd_separator
# Make sure the host property is created (for a new site),
# because it is needed by the node_exist helper function
cmd << "property_exist host || oarproperty -a host --varchar\n\n"
# Create properties keys
properties_keys[opt][site_uid].delete_if { |k, _v| ignore_default_keys.include?(k) }
unless properties_keys[opt][site_uid].empty?
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