Commit 3ad3f6b1 authored by Simon Delamare's avatar Simon Delamare

Revert "[dev/bind] clean old zone files before generation" (breaks servers reverse zone)

This reverts commit 0ea1792f.
parent 0ea1792f
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# See also:
require 'dns/zone'
require 'find'
#Prettier aligned dump of records
class DNS::Zone::RR::A
......@@ -437,15 +436,6 @@ def generate_puppet_bindg5k(options)
dest_dir = "#{$options[:output_dir]}/platforms/production/modules/generated/files/bind/"
zones_dir = File.join(dest_dir, "zones/#{site_uid}")
# Cleanup of old zone files
Find.find(zones_dir) do |path|
next if not File::file?(path)
next if path =~ /manual/ # skip *manual* files
# FIXME those files are not named *manual*, but should not be removed
next if ['nancy-laptops.db', 'toulouse-servers.db', 'toulouse.db'].include?(File::basename(path))
site_records = {}
# Servers
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