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Reference repository generators
FIXME this file is partially outdated
This directory contains the input files and scripts needed for generating:
- The Reference API ie. the JSON files that are served by the Grid'5000 API for describing nodes, network equipments, topology ...
FIXME update this doc
'''reference-repository''' is Grid'5000's ''single source of truth'' about sites, clusters, nodes, and network topology.
The reference API data of Grid'5000 is stored in a git repository as JSON files. Those files are organized into hierarchical folders (see data/). The git repository comes with scripts to ease the generation of those API files (see generators/). The generator uses data from input/. The node information (input/grid5000/sites/*/clusters/*/nodes/*.yaml) is fetched using [g5k-checks]( The other input files are created manually.
There are several important parts:
The git repository also includes scripts for generating:
* The OAR properties ie. the node information that is registered in OAR databases. OAR properties allow user to select resources matching their experiment requirements.
* The configuration files of the following puppet modules: bindg5kb, conmang5k, dhcpg5k, kadeployg5k and lanpowerg5k.
* data/ is the set of JSON files that describe Grid'5000. They are exposed by the ''reference API'' (for example: `curl -k`
* input/ is the set of YAML files used to generate data/. The files in input/ are either:
+ manually created and edited by admins
+ generated by g5k-checks (this is the case of the nodes descriptions, in the nodes/ directory of each cluster)
* validators and generators
+ to check input/ data for consistency
+ to generate the configuration of various services (and the list of OAR properties)
Automated tasks are provided to validate and generate data:
All tasks are executed using '''rake'''. To see the list of tasks, use '''rake -T'''.
rake oar:properties # Generate oar properties
rake puppet:all # Launch all puppet generators
rake puppet:bindg5k # Generate bindg5k configuration
rake puppet:conmang5k # Generate conmang5k configuration
rake puppet:dhcpg5k # Generate dhcpg5k configuration
rake puppet:kadeployg5k # Generate kadeployg5k configuration
rake puppet:kavlang5k # Generate kavlang5k configuration
rake puppet:lanpowerg5k # Generate lanpowerg5k configuration
rake reference-api # Creates json data from inputs
rake validators:homogeneity # Check homogeneity of clusters
rake validators:schema # Check input data schema validity
rake wiki:all # Launch all wiki generators
rake wiki:cpu_parameters # Generate the media parts for cpu_parameters page
rake wiki:oar_properties # Generate the media parts for oar_properties page
rake wiki:disk_reservation # Generate the media parts for disk_reservation page
rake wiki:hardware # Generate the media parts for hardware page
rake wiki:site_hardware # Generate the media parts for site hardware pages
rake wiki:site_network # Generate the media parts for site network pages
See also:
For more information about generators and validators, please see generators/
* .gitlab-ci.yml, that automates various checks and the deployment of data files after each commit
# Credentials
all tools should use ~/.grid5000_api.yml. Example:
all tools that require to authenticate against Grid'5000 use credentials from ~/.grid5000_api.yml. Example:
username: username
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