Commit 2808a603 authored by Jérémie Gaidamour's avatar Jérémie Gaidamour

[dev] Improved warning message

parent 1d427d75
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ def get_node_properties(cluster_uid, cluster, node_uid, node)
main_network_adapter = node['network_adapters'].find{|k, na| /^eth[0-9]*$/.match(k) && na['enabled'] && na['mounted'] && !na['management'] }
raise MissingProperty, "Node #{node_uid} does not have a main network_adapter" unless main_network_adapter
raise MissingProperty, "Node #{node_uid} does not have a main network_adapter (ie. an ethernet interface with enabled=true && mounted==true && management==false)" unless main_network_adapter
# h['host'] = main_network_adapter['network_address']
#TODO raise MissingProperty, "Node #{node_uid} has no network_address" unless h['host']
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