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[dev/oar-properties] ajout d'un script permettant de valider diverses choses sur les propriétés OAR

parent 0f23b812
# coding: utf-8
require 'pp'
require 'erb'
require 'fileutils'
require 'pathname'
require 'json'
require 'time'
require 'yaml'
require 'set'
require 'hashdiff'
require 'optparse'
require 'net/ssh'
require 'open-uri'
# Propriétés qui devraient être présentes
G5K_PROPERTIES=%w{api_timestamp available_upto besteffort chunks cluster cluster_priority comment core cpu cpuarch cpucore cpufreq cpuset cputype deploy desktop_computing disk disk_reservation_count diskpath disktype drain eth_count eth_rate expiry_date finaud_decision gpu gpu_count grub host ib ib_count ib_rate id ip last_available_upto last_job_date links maintenance max_walltime memcore memcpu memnode mic myri myri_count myri_rate network_address next_finaud_decision next_state nodemodel production rconsole scheduler_priority slash_16 slash_17 slash_18 slash_19 slash_20 slash_21 slash_22 state state_num subnet_address subnet_prefix suspended_jobs switch type virtual vlan wattmeter}.sort
class Hash
def slice(*extract)
h2 ={|key, value| extract.include?(key) }
def parse_command_line_parameters
options = {}
options[:sites] = %w(grenoble lille luxembourg lyon nancy nantes rennes sophia) do |opts|
opts.banner = 'Usage: oar-properties-check.rb [options]'
opts.separator ''
opts.separator 'Example: ruby oar-properties-check.rb -v -s nancy'
opts.separator ''
opts.separator 'Filters:'
opts.on('-s', '--sites a,b,c', Array, 'Select site(s)',
'Default: ' + options[:sites].join(', ')) do |s|
raise 'Wrong argument for -s option.' unless (s - options[:sites]).empty?
options[:sites] = s
opts.on('-c', '--clusters a,b,c', Array, 'Select clusters(s). Default: all') do |s|
options[:clusters] = s
opts.separator ''
opts.separator 'Common options:'
opts.on('-v', '--[no-]verbose', 'Run verbosely', 'Multiple -v options increase the verbosity. The maximum is 3.') do | |
options[:verbose] ||= 0
options[:verbose] = options[:verbose] + 1
# Print an options summary.
opts.on_tail('-h', '--help', 'Show this message') do
puts opts
puts "Options: #{options}" if options[:verbose]
return options
ret = true
options = parse_command_line_parameters
options[:sites].each do |site|
puts "Checking site #{site}..."
resources = JSON::parse(open("{site}/internal/oarapi/resources/details.json?limit=1000000", {ssl_verify_mode: OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE}).read)['items']
default_resources = { |e| e['type'] == 'default' }.sort_by { |e| e['id'] }
# Checking list of properties
names = { |e| e.keys.sort }.uniq.first
if names != G5K_PROPERTIES
puts "ERROR: wrong list of properties:"
ret = false
puts "- " + (G5K_PROPERTIES - names).join(' ')
puts "+ " + (names - G5K_PROPERTIES).join(' ')
# 'core' must be globally unique
dupe_cores = { |e| e.slice('id', 'core', 'host', 'cpu', 'cpuset') }.group_by { |e| e['core'] } { |e| e[1].length > 1 }
unless dupe_cores.empty?
puts "ERROR: some resources have the same 'core' value. it should be globally unique."
ret = false
pp dupe_cores if options[:verbose]
# 'cpu' must be unique to a 'host'
dupe_cpus = { |e| [e['cpu'], e['host'] ]}.uniq.group_by { |e| e[0] } { |e| e[1].length > 1 }
unless dupe_cpus.empty?
puts "ERROR: some hosts have the same 'cpu' value. it should be globally unique."
ret = false
pp dupe_cores if options[:verbose]
# for each host ... { |e| e['host'] }.uniq.each do |host|
host_resources = { |e| e['host'] == host }
next if options[:clusters] and not options[:clusters].include?(host_resources['cluster'])
# compute nbcores.
# cpucore is cores per cpu. to know the number of cpus, we devide memnode per memcpu.
nbcores = { |e| e['cpucore'] * (e['memnode'] / e['memcpu']) }.uniq
if nbcores.length > 1
raise "Invalid: varying nbcores inside cluster!"
nbcores = nbcores.first
if host_resources.length != nbcores
puts "ERROR: invalid number of resources for #{host}. should be nbcores."
ret = false
# ids, cpus, cores should follow the physical order (provided by cpuset)
host_cores = { |e| e['core'] }
host_cores_min = host_cores.first
host_cores_max = host_cores.last
if host_cores_max - host_cores_min + 1 != nbcores
puts "ERROR: core values for #{host} are not sequential"
ret = false
host_cpusets = { |e| e['cpuset'] }
host_cpusets_min = host_cpusets.first
host_cpusets_max = host_cpusets.last
if host_cpusets_min != 0
puts "ERROR: first cpuset value for #{host} should be 0"
ret = false
if host_cpusets_max - host_cpusets_min + 1 != nbcores
puts "ERROR: cpuset values for #{host} are not sequential"
ret = false
if options[:verbose] and (host_cpusets_max - host_cpusets_min + 1 != nbcores or host_cores_max - host_cores_min + 1 != nbcores)
puts "id cpu core cpuset"
pp { |e| [e['id'], e['cpu'], e['core'], e['cpuset'] ] }
exit ret
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