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  • Injecting custom variables from the cli with --custom-variable KEY=VALUE (can be specify multiple times) or from the env description with the "custom_variables" hash or in the cluster configuration with the hash of the same name.
  • The custom variables are accessible in kadeploy scripts by prefixing them by "KADEPLOY_". (eg: KADEPLOY_DEBUG)
  • The name of the variable and the value must be a string.
  • Priority of variables: CLI > env description > cluster configuration. A warning appears when a custom variable is overwrite. (eg: "Custom Variables from the environement overwrite by the client: DEBUG.")
  • Some name are reserved by kadeploy and can't be overwrite. An error is thrown when trying to name a custom variable with such name from the CLI. (eg: "You cannot overwrite Kadeploy variables: CLUSTER.")


  • Ajouter l'option dans kareboot (et kapower?)
  • Meilleur gestion de l'erreur où la variable existe déjà
  • Mieux traiter les inputs (pour l'instant je vérifie juste que c'est un hash, mais il faut veriier que c'est un hash que d'une profondeur et avec que des strings ?)
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