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Reformulate the paragraph about ; at end of struct.

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### The semicolon at the end of a `struct`
This comes historically from the C, where a `struct` is considered as a type declaration and it allows to do:
**Xeus-cling issue:** Here cling doesn't manage to compile it but it is accepted rightfully by a full-fledged compiler (see for instance [@Coliru](
This comes historically from the C, where a `struct` could be defined and initialized at the same time (or should - Xeus-cling doesn't manage it... As usual you may check a full-fledged compiler accepts it [@Coliru](
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``` C++17
// Xeus-cling issue (at least circa May 2021)
struct Vector
double x;
double y;
double z;
......@@ -146,11 +146,11 @@
v1.z = -2.;
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This is the reason why a semicolon is always required at the end of a `struct` or a `class` declaration.
This is absolutely **not** encouraged in C++, but it may help you to remember always closing a `struct` (or later a `class`) with a semicolon.
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## Passing a struct to a function
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