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rewrite script for configuring VPN peers in container - #138

VESIN Marc requested to merge feature/138-configure-peer into develop

This MR is part of #138 (closed). Script enables easier configuration of wireguard VPN peers for Fed-BioMed.

The complete rewrite of includes:

  • add privilege drop from root to a non-privileged user for all write operations on file (so that files written outside on container, on the host machine filesystem) belong to this user
  • extends script functions:
    • remove : remove a peer declared in the active wireguard interface
    • removeconf : same as remove plus remove the configuration file for this peer
    • list : list all peers declared in configuration files and/or in the active wireguard interface
  • refactor the script (coding style, tests, messages) to make it more robust and maintenable.

Note: it can be tested without running the other containers. Any public key string with the correct length is ok for adding a peer.

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