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`vpn` environment : misc containers refactor

VESIN Marc requested to merge feature/138-better-containers into develop

This merge requests covers pieces of #138 (closed) "VPN/container env better packaging".

  • change config.env VPN configuration files handling
    • goal: no config.env used in docker-compose.yml file, so that we can docker build when the config.env don't exist
    • goal: no config.env under git tracking, so that they don't git diff when running
    • principle: config.env handling does not rely anymore on the env_file tag of docker-compose.yml (aka passing env variable to container). We now source the config.env file when needed aka (1) in the script (2) in the .bashrc of the container's account (note: this will only be done when using bash, but anyway sourcing .bashrc is optional, it is done for convenience so that VPN env is already set when connecting to container)
    • changes for user: see aka
      • template for vpnserver config file now in config.env.template so start with a cp config.env.template config.env
      • config.env syntax changed from VAR=value to export VAR=value
  • misc: set easy to understand hostname in containers (eg: node containers have hostname fedbiomed-vpn-node)
  • misc: add EXPOSE (informtational tag) to dockerfile to document exported ports (good practice)

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