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Resolve "sp11-item03: Develop Restful (API) Services and Gui for Loading Datasets"

CANSIZ Sergen requested to merge feature/175-node-gui-for-loading-datasets into develop

Closes #175 (closed)

  • Node GUI is consist of Flask and React components that are located in gui directory as server and ui respectively.
  • Instructions for starting Node GUI has been provided in the README.

Features of GUI:

  • Assumes that all the data files (CSV, images etc) will be provided in the host machine. Means that there will be no dataset upload by clinicians
  • Lists the files in given data folder path. While starting GUI data path (folder where data files are stored) should be provided.
  • Deploying CSV and Image datasets
  • Displays preview of the dataset (first 5 rows for CSV dataset, folder and files for image datasets)
  • Displays configuration values of the node
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