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fedprox fix

BOUILLARD Yannick requested to merge hotfix/fedprox into master

MR description

This hotfix addresses the bug #537 (closed), where the new implementation of Model has changed, making fedprox not working properly

Developer Certificate Of Origin (DCO)

By opening this merge request, you agree the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO)

This DCO essentially means that:

  • you offer the changes under the same license agreement as the project, and
  • you have the right to do that,
  • you did not steal somebody else’s work.


Project code files should begin with these comment lines to help trace their origin:

# This file is originally part of Fed-BioMed
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

Code files can be reused from another project with a compatible non-contaminating license. They shall retain the original license and copyright mentions. The file and credit/ directory shall be completed and updated accordingly.

Guidelines for MR review


Specific to some cases:

  • update all conda envs consistently (development and vpn, Linux and MacOS)
  • if modified researcher (eg new attributes in classes) check if breakpoint needs update (breakpoint/load_breakpoint in Experiment(), save_state/load_state in aggregators, strategies, secagg, etc.)
  • if modified a component with versioning (config files, breakpoint, messaging protocol) then update the version following the rules in common/utils/
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