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Misc addition for #343: distant connection to node GUI in VPN/container

VESIN Marc requested to merge 343-distant-connection-vpn into develop

MR description

Misc addition to #343 (closed): when using VPN/container mode, control connections from a distant machine to GUI is a combination of control by IP address and HTTP host name:

  • GUI_SERVER_IP enables choosing the subset of the node machine's IP addresses that can be used to connect to the GUI. By default only (localhost) is authorized. Using GUI_SERVER_IP= enables to reach any IP address of the node machine. Specify GUI_SERVER_IP=a.b.c.d where a.b.c.d is a node machine's IP to listen only on that IP address
  • GUI_SERVER_NAME enables choosing the server name(s) of the node machine that can be used to connect to the GUI. By default, any DNS alias of the node machine can be used. Using where is a DNS alias of the node machine authorizes only to connect to the node GUI using this name as HTTP host name (eg: Wildcards can be included in the name as supported by Nginx for example: GUI_SERVER_NAME='*' (don't forget single quotes in this case).

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Specific to some cases:

  • update all conda envs consistently (development and vpn, Linux and MacOS)
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Closes #343 (closed)

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