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fixes regarding sklearn updates

BOUILLARD Yannick requested to merge hotfix/sklearn_model into master

MR description

Provides fixes to updates issues in sklearn models, mainly:

  1. wrong "gradient" sign for native sklearn updates (we are wrongly doing SGD w(t+1) = w(t) + lr * gradients but should be w(t+1) = w(t) - lr * gradients

  2. w_init in the train method has shared references with model layers, so calling model.partial_fit will wrongly update w_init

Developer Certificate Of Origin (DCO)

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This DCO essentially means that:

  • you offer the changes under the same license agreement as the project, and
  • you have the right to do that,
  • you did not steal somebody else’s work.


Project code files should begin with these comment lines to help trace their origin:

# This file is originally part of Fed-BioMed
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

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Guidelines for MR review


Specific to some cases:

  • update all conda envs consistently (development and vpn, Linux and MacOS)
  • if modified researcher (eg new attributes in classes) check if breakpoint needs update (breakpoint/load_breakpoint in Experiment(), save_state/load_state in aggregators, strategies, secagg, etc.)
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