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Feature/474 generic optimizer

BOUILLARD Yannick requested to merge feature/474-generic-optimizer into develop

MR description

This contains Optimizer and Model abstraction joined together in a Optimizer wrapper (in generic_optimizer).

I would like some advice from assignee / reviewer

  • name of the module could be improved, making more explicit that it conveys both a model and a optimizer
  • for both NativeSklearnOptimizer and DeclearnSklearnOptimizer: i proposed 2 solutions for disabling scikit-learn internal optimizer: either a method after setting up Researcher model_args or using context manager SklearnOptimizerProcessing. What is the best solution /way of doing?
  • about removing model_args argument of the BaseSkLearnModel model or add setter and getter for accessing this object.
  • About Generic Optimizer builder: the method get_parent_class might not be the most suitable solution for building Optimizer: using if / else statement might be appropriate.
  • About notebook: should we keep 2 notebooks (one for sklearn, the other one for pytorch) or gather everything into one notebook

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Specific to some cases:

  • update all conda envs consistently (development and vpn, Linux and MacOS)
  • if modified researcher (eg new attributes in classes) check if breakpoint needs update (breakpoint/load_breakpoint in Experiment(), save_state/load_state in aggregators, strategies, secagg, etc.)
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