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Feature/smart scalar bar positioning

LEVY Jonathan requested to merge feature/smart_scalar_bar_positioning into develop
  • Scalar bars are now draggable and resizeable
  • Scalar bars are of reasonable size by default and placed along the 4 edges of the screen by default
  • If more than 4 scalar bars have to be displayed, they will appear by default stacked above their parent, in concentric circles. (Scalar bars 1, 2, 3 and 4 appear on Top, Right, Bottom, Left, then scalar bar 5 is stacked under 1 on Top, scalar bar 6 is stacked at the right of scalar bar 2 on the left side, etc.)
  • Moving a scalar bar next to an edge automatically rotates the scalar bar to horizontal / vertical
  • You can make the scalar bar on bottom appear above the seek bar if there is one by setting a boolean in the Decorator.
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