Database of computations of discrete logarithms

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Database of computations of discrete logarithms

Aim of the project

The aim of this project is to list all the computations of discrete logarithms in finite fields of any characteristic (with an individual logarithm computation of a given target in the considered finite field), with references.

List of main files

  • db.json: the database, JSON format.
  • request.py: a python script to perform simple requests on db.json.
  • index.html and view.js: example of a presentation tool on the web.

Contributing to the project

discretelogdb welcomes contributions. See CONTRIBUTING.md.

How to cite

Laurent Grémy and Aurore Guillevic. DiscreteLogDB, a database of computations of discrete logarithms, 2017, https://gitlab.inria.fr/dldb/discretelogdb.

    author={Laurent Gr\'{e}my and Aurore Guillevic},
    title={{DiscreteLogDB}, a database of computations of discrete logarithms},


  • Laurent Grémy
  • Aurore Guillevic


This project is distributed under the Creative Commons Zero license.

Other lists of computations of discrete logarithms