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add do while

LAWALL Julia requested to merge dowhile into master

This is based on an original patch proposal by:

From: Evan Zhao To: Coccinelle Subject: [Cocci] [Patch] Add dowhile support in SmPL Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2019 21:34:29 +0800 [thread overview] Message-ID: (raw)

That patch, however, treated the final semicolon like the kind of ender that is added to an if, while loop, etc., that is not necessary. Do while is more like { }.

This one does not make any changes in the SmPL processing code (parsing_cocci), but only in the translation to CTL. The management of free variables in the translation of CTL is furthermore modified to better match what is done for { }.

The test cases are based on the ones in the original patch, with a few modifications.

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