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automated (HW-unit-)tests + DMA cleanup

Daniel Krebs requested to merge feature/test_infrastructure into master

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While cleaning up the DMA driver and fixing possible bugs that didn't show up yet just by chance, I created some tests that can be automatically run on a target MSP430 to test the code. There are currently 2 tests: dma and checkpoint. While dma verifies correct behaviour of the both dma_memcpy() and dma_memset(), test/checkpoint requires an intermittent power supply in order to verify that basic checkpointing works.

There are (not yet very specific) assumptions about the test environment, so let's take this as a starting point to what makes sense. For now, a "test" means that the program is run approx. for 1 second and then the content of some variable is checked to decide whether the test has passed or failed. These conditions can be defined like var_a >= 42 or array_b != 01020304 (see tests/dma/test_dma.expect and tests/checkpoint/test_checkpoint.expect for reference).

What do you think?

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