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    Post-quantum library of primitives · f32a46b5
    JACOMME Charlie authored and BLANCHET Bruno's avatar BLANCHET Bruno committed
    Merge of branch crypto-library-pq-version
    - Library of primitives:
       - added macros for primitives without security assumption (useful
       to model broken primitives; e.g., classical schemes in the presence of
       a quantum adversary).
       - added macros for IND-CPA public key encryption, KEMs
       (Key Encapsulation Mechanisms), and fixed-hash collision-resistant hash
       functions. (The latter make sense only against a fixed adversary.)
       - built a separate library for assumptions valid against a quantum
       adversary (pq.cvl, pq.ocvl).
    - Models for pq-ssh and pq-tls
    - Fixed notion of key exchange for SSH
    - Proof of HPKE base mode from KEM and DHKEM in base mode; cleanup
      in HPKE models
    Co-authored-by: default avatarBruno Blanchet <>