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Runner API

CAMPION Sebastien requested to merge runner_api into django

Used by client (src : this API is composed by 4 operations :

  • cmd : response a json job description if job in state 0 for this runner else empty response and set the job status to 1 (submited?)

  • dw : Download file (filename) used in job id

  • up : Upload results : process done by chunk in order to disable large file upload Each request body in store in a hidden directory . (for example chunk 4 in stored in .abbe32452fbebdd/4) As order upload isn't preserved, an upload_is_finish operation is called at the end. If it's the latest chunk, the tar file rebuiled is extrated in the job id directory.

  • log : Runner docker process logs are piped in this route in streaming mode. If it's a POST request: - job status is updated to 'running' - logs are stored in redis keys with this patter job:log:: during 24 hours. Otherwise a GET request is a reading process.

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