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    Adding a mixin and view for the ToS validation · 5c12d3c5
    BERJON Matthieu authored and BAIRE Anthony's avatar BAIRE Anthony committed
    I added a mixin that checks if the user has accepted the latest ToS
    version. If not the user is redirected to the ToS validation view. Once
    accepted the user is redirected to the page he asked first.
    I updated all the `login required` views by adding this new mixin.
    One major issue of this code that the redirection argument passed to the
    ToS validation view is the url name which is not a good practice I
    think. A better case would to use the path but I wasn't able to write
    the right regex in the url dispatcher.
    Another issue is that the user won't be redirected at login or sign up
    to the ToS validation view. This should be handled in the ``
    Signed-off-by: default avatarMatthieu Berjon <>