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New release

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Revision history for Altree Perl program
Version v1.3.2
Vincent Danjean (6):
Avoid nested functions
Use figlatex instead of texgraphicx
Do not require atlas
Remove unused _quicksort sub-pragma, no longer supported in Perl 5.27
Add missing include file
Update perl XS files
Remove old CVS ignore files
New release
Version v1.3.1
Claire Bardel (1):
No RCS version anymore, using 1.00 version by default
Vincent Danjean (3):
Avoid too precise tests with float datatypes
Do not compute more permutation than requested, even with lots of processors
New release
Version v1.3.0
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ use Data::Dumper;
use version; our $VERSION = qv(1.3.1);
use version; our $VERSION = qv(1.3.2);
# Positionner la variable PERL5LIB si besoin
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