Commit cc195df9 authored by DAILLER Sylvain's avatar DAILLER Sylvain

Merge branch 'old_session_ext_printer' into 'master'

session loading: fix the default format of files

See merge request !243
parents 7da8ff2a ce484aa2
......@@ -1205,8 +1205,8 @@ let load_theory ~version session parent_name old_provers (path,acc) th =
let load_file ~version session old_provers f =
match with
| "file" ->
(* This "name" attribute only exists in old sessions *)
let fn = string_attribute_opt "name" f in
let fmt = string_attribute_def "format" f Lexer.whyml_format in
let fid = gen_fileID session in
let path,ft =
......@@ -1222,6 +1222,12 @@ let load_file ~version session old_provers f =
| None -> assert false
else path
let fmt =
(* If the session is ill-formed and the format is absent, we use the
extension to decide the format *)
let def_fmt =
Env.get_format (Format.asprintf "%a" Sysutil.print_file_path path) in
string_attribute_def "format" f def_fmt in
let mf = { file_id = fid;
file_path = path;
file_format = fmt;
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