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## Utilities

- Feature #1507: Enable strong types, which enable disambiguation on otherwise similar prototypes and help make the code much clearer.

## Third Party

- __Feature #1504__: Replace Boost filesystem by STL filesystem. You therefore need a very recent compiler...

## Variational Formulation

- __Feature #1505__: Refactoring concerning non linear solve: update to PETSc 3.12 underlined issues both from my side (assumptions that were not guaranteed by PETSc API) and theirs (line search strategy changed with no notice). It is now both cleaner and more robust, but API needs to be adapted in all external models.

## CI

- Feature #1510: Creation of Docker images has been removed and is now delegated to a [dedicated project]( The rationale is that we want to automate this, and it was complicated as MoReFEM already uses up CI pipeline.